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Over 2,000 Family Law Matters Have Been Handled by our Office

practice-areas-right-imgEd Sobel, as a board certified specialist, has been certified by the Florida Bar as having special knowledge, skill and proficiency in marital and family law. To obtain certification he has been evaluated by the bar as to his character, ethics and reputation for professionalism. Mr. Sobel hopes to be able to assist you in one or more of his practice areas.


Helping you with advice and representation for any type of dissolution of marriage, whether short term, with or without children, or long term with complex financial and social issues.

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Assisting with the determination of child support guideline calculations. If any alimony should be awarded, the amount and period of time support should be paid.

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Advising and implementing parenting plans, timesharing schedules and parental responsibility provisions for minor children of all ages and needs.

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Family Law

Other services including mediation, collaborative law, prenuptial agreements, division of retirements, domestic violence injunctions, contempt, and appeals.

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